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- Make the kernel source package download and extract automatically.
- Make the kernel compile.
- Make related packages compile, including the Hammer and Hammer2 file systems.
- Try to use the kernel with the Hammer or Hammer2 filesystem.
- Fix any issues that arise.
- Port VirtualBox.
- Take over the world because the DragonFly kernel plus the Hammer file system with low memory block level deduplication plus Debian usability and administration plus VirtualBox virtualization would blow everything else away.
- These instructions are probably not perfect, so please submit improvements.
- For development I'm using the 64-bit version of Debian Wheezy in VirtualBox.
- For testing I'll be using the 64-bit version of kFreeBSD Wheezy and the FreeBSD OS type in VirtualBox.
- The kFreeBSD Squeeze netboot installer can install kFreeBSD Wheezy. This works at least within the expert option of the installer.
- The desktop package in kFreeBSD Wheezy is currently broken.
- At the bottom of this page there is a a workaround for setting the kFreeBSD keyboard layout.
- I use sudo rather than su because I prefer it. You can disable root logins within the expert option of the debian installer.
- Using aptitude is preferred over 'apt-get install' for binary package management but apt-get lends itself to written instructions.
- sudo build-dep kfreebsd-9
- sudo apt-get install fakeroot git subversion
- mkdir ~/kbsd-build-comparison
- cd kbsd-build-comparison
- mkdir freebsd
- mkdir dragonflybsd
In one of two console terminals:
- cd ~/kbsd-build-comparison/freebsd
- svn checkout svn://
- cd trunk/kfreebsd-9/
- ./debian/rules
- dpkg-buildpackage
- Install kFreeBSD.
- Build and install kernel.
In the other console terminal:
- cd ~/kbsd-build-comparison/dragonflybsd
- git clone git://
- cd DragonFlyBSD/kdragonflybsd-3/
- ./debian/rules
- Fix errors.
- Commit to git and push to github.
- dpkg-buildpackage
- Fix errors.
- Commit to git and push to github.
- Install kFreeBSD.
- Build and install kernel.
- Fix errors.
- Commit to git and push to github.
Setting the kFreeBSD Keyboard Layout:
- The kFreeBSD installer doesn't set the keyboard layout correctly. This is how I set the layout to dvorak.
- kbdcontrol -l “us.dvorak”
- sudo apt-get install console-setup-freebsd console-setup
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