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@variar variar released this
· 1026 commits to master since this release
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After about a year I'm exited to release new version of klogg. Thanks everyone for providing feedback.

This release has following changes:

  • significant performance improvements during loading files an searching (see nickbnf#227)
  • added an option to keep file closed (#36)
  • added polling file settings on Windows (#45, nickbnf#214)
  • renamed filters to highlighters (see nickbnf#71) based on nickbnf#216 by @arthurspa
  • added color picker for choosing highlighters color (#33) base on nickbnf#194 by @safield
  • some quick find fixes (#47)
  • added a menu item to clear current log file (see nickbnf#111)
  • allow to drag'n'drop several files (see nickbnf#209)
  • change bringing main window to front on Windows (see nickbnf#238)
  • fixed some UI bugs (progress updates when searching in large files, grey text lines when using limited search areas and more)
  • merged several fixes for file monitoring based on nickbnf#151 and nickbnf#232 by @gin-ahirsch
  • added some more encodings (see nickbnf#217) based on nickbnf#235 by @Seeraeuber
  • created builds for x86 and x64 versions of Windows (#38)
  • fixed deb and rpm packages (#44)
  • add checking for new version on Windows (new version info file is downloaded directly from GitHub)
  • updated 3rdparty libraries to latest versions

Precompiled binaries are provided for Windows (x86 and x64, based on Qt 5.12), Linux (x64 only, based on Qt 5.9) and Mac OS X (x64 only, based on Qt 5.12)

sha256 checksums:

5fbd02e5a673a07dbf5880e5a7aa685982b01fbcb399a59334f27c5efc6ff66f *klogg-
96566a02ea17ae49d46febc5468c20422de7cb57caf383df3726b0a1ba0a43b3 *
9547c6235c25d008115398f79a57726951b4dba554490846ce508f0e47bf2aa6 *klogg-
50c1c926d95c31fdf3edd7a165a8b3fcc8f14457a9720319d7eb07fa31605ccf *

0cd38f878acaa05205acaf0a6f75a06c3bf7f58810de176d0678b96afb1888d8 *klogg-19.2.0-r366-OSX.dmg

0417de58f99c14e7deb3b4344941a2be4f35cf4e1dcc3f9d637a9c20fe14cd8f *klogg-19.2.0-r366-Linux.rpm
2602cdd234bd1c0ff61afdb6426ba2427da0830768a382457358225d5fdc22c0 *klogg-19.2.0-r366-Linux.deb
cb0dab3a864fb6b827aaa2118e202b333fd96dab3b65228375adee2650036a6d *klogg-