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# The Varlink Service Interface is provided by every varlink service. It
# describes the service and the interfaces it implements.
interface org.varlink.service
# Get a list of all the interfaces a service provides and information
# about the implementation.
method GetInfo() -> (
vendor: string,
product: string,
version: string,
url: string,
interfaces: []string
# Get the description of an interface that is implemented by this service.
method GetInterfaceDescription(interface: string) -> (description: string)
# The requested interface was not found.
error InterfaceNotFound (interface: string)
# The requested method was not found
error MethodNotFound (method: string)
# The interface defines the requested method, but the service does not
# implement it.
error MethodNotImplemented (method: string)
# One of the passed parameters is invalid.
error InvalidParameter (parameter: string)