Appium Demo App with clearly defined Page Object Pattern for React Native Mobile App. Test Language - Javascript.
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Appium Demo with React Native Demo App for iOS

This is a simple demo app built with React Native. For details, please refer to this tutorial:


  • Appium Server
  • Appium Client


  • Mac OS X 10.10 or higher, 10.11.1 recommended
  • XCode >= 6.0, 7.1.1 recommended
  • Apple Developer Tools


  • Android SDK API >= 17
  • Appium supports Android on OS X, Linux and Windows. Make sure you follow the directions for setting up your environment properly for testing on different OSes:

Refer documentation for detail:


Appium Server

Download appium app from


Install Appium server either with following command:

$ npm install -g appium

Appium Client

We will use javascript client wd

Other than appium client, we would need following packages for testing

  • mocha: test framework
  • chai: assertions library
  • chai-as-promised: promise library

All packages required for testing has been defined in package.json file.

$ npm install

Execute Test

Update App Path in Test Case

Compile Code in XCode to build app. Then, access it by right clicking app in XCode & selecting Show in Finder


Use app file provided in Execuatable folder.

Update path of app in driver constructor call in before() of AppiumTest/TestMain.js file.

It should always be absolute path to app on appium server.

Start Appium Server

$ appium -a -p 4723

This will start appium server at ip -

Run Appium Client

npm test

test is defined in package.json.

Hopefully, your test case is running smoothly.