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“Varnam” is an open source, cross platform transliterator for Indian languages


  1. govarnam govarnam Public

    Easily type Indic languages on computer and mobile. GoVarnam is a cross-platform transliteration library. Manglish -> Malayalam, Thanglish -> Tamil, Hinglish -> Hindi plus another 10 languages. GoV…

    Go 141 10

  2. varnam-macOS varnam-macOS Public

    Easily type Indian languages on macOS !

    Swift 12 1

  3. varnamd-govarnam varnamd-govarnam Public

    API server for Varnam

    Go 19 4

  4. govarnam-ibus govarnam-ibus Public

    Indian Language Input Method for Linux. IBus Engine for GoVarnam. An easy way to type Indian languages on GNU/Linux systems such as Ubuntu, Debian, ArchLinux, Manjaro etc.

    Go 11 2

  5. varnam-windows varnam-windows Public

    Type Indian languages easily on Windows!

    C++ 12 2

  6. schemes schemes Public

    Language related files for Varnam [GoVarnam]. See releases to download support for your language in Varnam.

    Ruby 1 3


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