HackedUpReaderLauncher is an extension for the Kindle Touch GUI launcher https://github.com/yifanlu/KindleLauncher for starting https://github.com/varnie/HackedUpReader
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HackedUpReader Launcher

This is an extension for the Kindle Touch GUI Launcher (https://github.com/yifanlu/KindleLauncher). The purpose of this extension is to launch HackedUpReader application on Kindle Touch.

The instructions:

  1. Install HackedUpReader application: https://github.com/varnie/HackedUpReader
  2. Extract the archive's content to the "extensions" folder into the Kindle Touch device
  3. Restart the device: Menu --> Settings --> Menu --> Restart
  4. Now you can launch HackedUpReader by clicking: Menu --> Launcher -> Launch HackedUpReader