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bin Concentrate the "Connection: close" logic in http1
doc improve documentation for ban.list
etc Devicedetect git repository has moved.
include Move the HTTP session steps into the HTTP1 session code, and have
lib Don't abort on unknown keywords by default
man Move varnish-counters man page.
.gitignore Move varnish-counters man page.
.travis.yml Switch to container-based infrastructure
CONTRIBUTING Update section on pull requests.
ChangeLog remove old content from changelog
INSTALL Remove mention of --enable-werror
LICENSE Update copyright statement. Add README.Packaging in distribution. Whitespace
Makefile.phk Things you can do while hanging on the telephone: Make sure lines
README Update README to point out how to contribute patches and bug reports.
README.Packaging Correct URLs used in packaging links.
autogen.des Filter subdir-include messages. Recognize NetBSD
config.phk Whitespace Add VSUB_closefrom() to close all fd's higher than some number.
flint.lnt Make NEEDLESS_RETURN a blank macro so it can also be used without
varnish.m4 Display the correct error if varnish.pc is missing Install _all_ headers under ${prefix}/include/.. Install _all_ headers under ${prefix}/include/..


This is Varnish Cache, the high-performance HTTP accelerator.

Documentation and additional information about Varnish is available on

Technical questions about Varnish and this release should be addressed
to <>.  Please see for how to
contribute patches and report bugs.

Questions about commercial support and services related to Varnish
should be addressed to <>.
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