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-ffc // No automatic custody
-printf(2, VSB_printf)
// Weirdness relating to varnish includes etc.
+libh ../../config.h
-efile(451, ../../config.h) // No include guard
-efile(451, "tbl/*.h") // No include guard
// assert() support, common to libvarnish and libvarnishapi
-sem(VAS_Fail, r_no)
-emacro(506, assert) // constant value boolean
-emacro(827, assert) // loop not reachable
-emacro(774, assert) // booelan always true
-emacro(731, assert) // booelan arg to eq/non-eq
-emacro(731, xxxassert) // arg to eq/non-eq
-emacro(527, WRONG) // unreachable code
// <vqueue.h>
-esym(755, VLIST_*) // Global macro not ref.
-esym(755, VSLIST_*)
-esym(755, VSTAILQ_*)
-esym(755, VTAILQ_*)
-emacro((826), VTAILQ_LAST) // Suspicious pointer-to-pointer conversion (area too small)
-emacro((826), VTAILQ_PREV) // Suspicious pointer-to-pointer conversion (area too small)
-emacro(506, VTAILQ_FOREACH_SAFE) // constant value boolean
-emacro(506, VSTAILQ_FOREACH_SAFE) // constant value boolean
-emacro(740, VTAILQ_LAST) // Unusual pointer cast (incompatible indirect types)
-emacro(740, VTAILQ_PREV) // Unusual pointer cast (incompatible indirect types)
-esym(755, VTAILQ_*)
// miniobj
// -emacro(755, CAST_OBJ) // glob macro not ref
-emacro(779, REPLACE) // string constant !=
-emacro(774, REPLACE) // if(bool) always true
-emacro(506, REPLACE) // const bool
// VMB
-emacro(755, VMB) // glob macro not ref
-emacro(755, VRMB) // glob macro not ref
-emacro(755, VWMB) // glob macro not ref
// VSB
-esym(759, VSB_*) // header decl could be moved
-esym(765, VSB_*) // exten could be made static
-esym(714, VSB_*) // symb not ref
-sem(VSB_new, @p == (1p ? 1p : malloc(1)))
-sem(VSB_delete, custodial(1))
-esym(534, VSB_cat) // Ignore retval
-esym(534, VSB_bcat)
-esym(534, VSB_putc)
-esym(534, VSB_printf)
-esym(534, VSB_vprintf)
-esym(534, VSB_putc)
// System library/POSIX related
// vararg simulation is imperfect (XXX: why ??)
-emacro((???), va_arg) // 415, 416, 416, 661, 662, 796, 797 ...
// Fix strchr() semtics, it can only return NULL if arg2 != 0
-sem(strchr, 1p, type(1), 2n == 0 ? (@p < 1p) : (@p < 1p || @p == 0 ))
-esym(534, printf) // Ignore retval
-esym(534, fprintf)
-esym(534, sprintf)
-esym(534, memset)
-esym(534, memcpy)
-esym(534, memmove)
-esym(534, strcat)
-esym(534, strcpy)
-esym(534, strlcpy)
-etype(844, struct pthread *)
-sem(pthread_create, custodial(4))
-emacro(413, offsetof) // likely null pointer
-emacro(736, isnan) // loss of prec.
-elib(659) // no tokens after struct def.
-elib(123) // macro def. with arg at, (just warn)
-emacro(702, WEXITSTATUS) // signed shift right
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