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varnishtest "ESI:remove"
server s1 {
txresp -gzipbody {
This is a test: Unseen University
<esi:include src="trick question">
<!--esi XXX -->
<esX>This is a test: Hello world
} -start
varnish v1 -vcl+backend {
sub vcl_fetch {
set beresp.do_esi = true;
set beresp.do_gunzip = true;
} -start
varnish v1 -cliok "param.set esi_syntax 4"
varnish v1 -cliok "param.set http_gzip_support true"
client c1 {
expect resp.status == 200
expect resp.bodylen == 40
client c1 -run
varnish v1 -expect esi_errors == 2
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