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…e into experimental-ims

Conflicts resolved, but IMS is *not* working in this commit
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bin Merge branch 'master' of ssh://…
doc remove indent warning
etc Regex set for doing device detection
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m4 Implement symbol versioning
redhat files for systemd
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ChangeLog Add note to changelog saying it's no longer updated.
INSTALL INSTALL: minor update
LICENSE Update copyright notices to reflect development and copyright assignment Test commit to check trac hooks
README Be consistent about naming
autogen.des Disable CLANG for now, until some auto* magic happens to remove the Recognize OpenBSD as platform. Federico says it almost works. Pass -Wc,-fstack-protector to the libtool ld stage, to make the stack… Add a varnishapi-uninstalled.pc file, for use by out-of-tree vmod Install headers needed for vmod compilation in


This is Varnish Cache, the high-performance HTTP accelerator.

Documentation and additional information about Varnish is available on

Technical questions about Varnish and this release should be addressed
to <>.

Questions about commercial support and services related to Varnish
should be addressed to <>.
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