Integration plugin between Varnish and New Relic
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New Relic Varnish Extension

This runs on the Varnish server and reports the values from varnishstat back into New Relic.

Instructions for running the Varnish extension agent

  1. Go to the tags list and find the latest tar.gz
  2. Download and extract the source
  3. run bundle install to install required gems
  4. Copy config/template_newrelic_plugin.yml to config/newrelic_plugin.yml
  5. Edit config/newrelic_plugin.yml and replace "YOUR_LICENSE_KEY_HERE" with your New Relic license key
  6. Edit the config/newrelic_plugin.yml if you are running Varnish with an -n argument
  7. Execute ./newrelic_varnish_plugin
  8. Go back to the Extensions list and after a brief period you will see an entry for your extension

Feedback, discussions and problems

The plugin can be discussed in the Google group. Bugs can be reported on the Github tracker and pull requests are welcome.