Collection of Varnish Cache modules (vmods) by Varnish Software
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Varnish module collection by Varnish Software

This is a collection of modules ("vmods") extending Varnish VCL used for describing HTTP request/response policies with additional capabilities.


  • Simpler handling of HTTP cookies
  • Variable support
  • Request and bandwidth throttling
  • Modify and change complex HTTP headers
  • 3.0-style saint mode,
  • Advanced cache invalidations, and more.

This collection contains the following vmods (previously kept individually): cookie, vsthrottle, header, saintmode, softpurge, tcp, var, xkey

Supported Varnish version is described in the CHANGES.rst file. Normally this is the last public Varnish Cache release. See PORTING below for information on support for other versions of Varnish.


Source releases can be downloaded from:

Installation requires an installed version of Varnish Cache, including the development files. Requirements can be found in the Varnish documentation.

Source code is built with autotools:

sudo apt-get install libvarnishapi-dev || sudo yum install varnish-libs-devel
./bootstrap   # If running from git.
make check   # optional
sudo make install

The resulting loadable modules (libvmod_foo*.so files) will be installed to the Varnish module directory. (default /usr/lib/varnish/vmods/)


Each module has a different set of functions and usage, described in separate documents in docs/. For completeness, here is a snippet from docs/cookie.rst:

import cookie;

sub vcl_recv {
        set req.http.cookie = cookie.get_string();
        # Only SESSIONID and PHPSESSID are left in req.http.cookie at this point.


The source git tree lives on Github:

All source code is placed in the master git branch. Pull requests and issue reporting are appreciated.


We encourage porting of the module package to other versions of Varnish Cache.


The goals of this collection are:

  • Simplify access to vmod code for Varnish users. One package to install, not 6.
  • Decrease the maintenance cost that comes with having 10 different git repositories, each with autotools and (previously) distribution packaging files.

Expressed non-goals are:

  • Import vmods that require external libraries, like curl or geoip. This collection should be simple and maintenance free to run.
  • Support older releases of Varnish Cache.
  • Include every vmod under the sun. We'll add the important ones.

Addition of further vmods is decided on a case-by-case basis. Code quality and maintenance requirements will be important in this decision.


This code is maintained by Varnish Software. (

Issues can be reported via the Github issue tracker.

Other inquires can be sent to