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.github no debuginfo packages on packagecloud.io Mar 26, 2017
bin Add a cli send/expect facility to HAproxy support. Aug 16, 2018
doc Start skeleton docs for the September 2018 release notes. Aug 17, 2018
etc Make vcldir downstream-friendly in etc/Makefile.am Feb 27, 2018
include Warn about too many (>100) VCLs. Aug 15, 2018
lib Fix showing STRANDS as STRING in the docs. Aug 17, 2018
m4 update ax_pthread.m4 from upstream Aug 22, 2016
man Add VMOD proxy Mar 14, 2018
tools Also revert this as part of 44d2893 Jun 20, 2018
.dir-locals.el Help emacs automatically follow project conventions. Apr 24, 2017
.gitignore properly declare vtc_h2_dectbl.h to automake and git Aug 13, 2018
.syntastic_c_config Make life easier for vim/syntastic users Sep 5, 2016
.travis.yml We need line continuation now May 23, 2018
CONTRIBUTING Final spit&polish before release Sep 15, 2016
ChangeLog remove old content from changelog May 18, 2013
INSTALL Remove mention of --enable-werror Nov 13, 2013
LICENSE Final spit&polish before release Sep 15, 2016
Makefile.am We don't want distcheck to exercise persistent by default, but we Mar 28, 2018
README.Packaging Remove referenses to repo.varnish-cache.org Sep 12, 2017
README.rst Final spit&polish before release Sep 15, 2016
autogen.des Disable deprecated persistent storage by default Mar 5, 2018
autogen.sh Dedicated autoconf macros for libraries detection Nov 26, 2016
configure.ac Add std.fnmatch() Aug 7, 2018
flint.lnt Supress Flexelints 835 from all macro expansions Jun 6, 2018
varnish-legacy.m4 Define PKG_CHECK_VAR for legacy systems Sep 13, 2016
varnish.m4 Revert 57c1d53 for now Jul 3, 2018
varnishapi-uninstalled.pc.in Install _all_ headers under ${prefix}/include/.. Nov 8, 2014
varnishapi.pc.in s/vcs/vsc/ Sep 13, 2017


Varnish Cache

This is Varnish Cache, the high-performance HTTP accelerator.

Documentation and additional information about Varnish is available on https://www.varnish-cache.org/

Technical questions about Varnish and this release should be addressed to <varnish-misc@varnish-cache.org>.

Please see CONTRIBUTING for how to contribute patches and report bugs.

Questions about commercial support and services related to Varnish should be addressed to <sales@varnish-software.com>.