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Ensure everything is built before running tests

With a growing list of bundled VMODs we want to split the main test
suite to colocate VMOD-specific tests with the rest of its sources.
Because a VMOD test case may involve other binaries, and will always
involve at least varnishtest and varnishd, we insist that make check
kicks in only after a complete recursive build.

This doesn't work in this scenario:

    cd lib/libvmod_<name> && make check

The assumption is that at this point a full build was already performed
and changes are only happening in that sub directory.

Refs #3184
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Dridi committed Feb 13, 2020
1 parent 8abc20d commit 4eeec97447aed237c67070fbf94030edb9967061
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@@ -50,6 +50,11 @@ vtest-clean:
# solved it better, but we don't, so use this at least for now.

# XXX: This is a similar hack to ensure we have a built varnishtest
# (and technically any other binary that may be involved in a VTC)
# before we try to run tests anywhere in the tree.
check-recursive: all

-rm -f cscope*
find . -name '*.[hcS]' > cscope.files

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