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Use -need-bytes instead of delays

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bsdphk committed Jan 13, 2018
1 parent 7e3e7a7 commit 586dda0535ac393f6c02f0b0f7bde9a4ac2e9951
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  1. +4 −4 bin/varnishtest/tests/u00000.vtc
@@ -2,31 +2,31 @@ varnishtest "Simple process tests"
process p1 "cat" -start
process p1 -writeln "foo"
delay 0.5
process p1 -need-bytes 3
process p1 -stop
process p1 -wait
shell "grep -q foo ${p1_out}"
shell "test -f ${p1_err} -a ! -s ${p1_err}"
process p2 -log "cat" -start
process p2 -writeln "bar"
delay 0.5
process p2 -need-bytes 3
process p2 -write "\x04"
process p2 -wait
shell "grep -q bar ${p2_out}"
shell "test -f ${p2_err} -a ! -s ${p2_err}"
process p3 -dump "cat" -start
process p3 -writeln "baz"
delay 0.5
process p3 -need-bytes 3
process p3 -kill KILL
process p3 -wait
shell "grep -q baz ${p3_out}"
shell "test -f ${p3_err} -a ! -s ${p3_err}"
process p4 -hexdump "cat" -start
process p4 -writeln "b\001z"
delay 0.5
process p4 -need-bytes 3
process p4 -kill TERM
process p4 -wait -screen_dump

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