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@@ -381,11 +381,18 @@ Other changes
VMOD intended for VRT ABI compatibility.
* The director API in ``vrt.h`` differs from the previous
*WIP slink*
* The director API which has changed:
interface. :ref:`ref-writing-a-director` has been updated
accordingly. In short, the most important changes include:
* ``struct director_methods`` is replaced by ``struct vdi_methods``
* signatures of various callbacks have changed
* ``VRT_AddDirector()`` and ``VRT_DelDirector()`` are to be used
for initialization and destruction.
* ``vdi_methods`` callbacks are not to be called from vmods any more
* ``VRT_Healthy()`` replaces calls to the ``healthy`` function
* The admin health is not to be manipulated by vmods any more
* director private state destruction is recommended to be
implemented via a ``destroy`` callback.
* Python 3 is now preferred in builds, and will likely be required
in future versions.

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