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Simple addition on req.grace

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hermunn authored and Dridi committed Sep 14, 2018
1 parent 6fdc89c commit 7dc80a1c6654b7edd9f4e5fade007c8531b9dcbe
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@@ -88,9 +88,14 @@ bit. ``keep`` sets a lifetime in the cache in addition to TTL for
objects that can be validated by a 304 "Not Modified" response from
the backend to a conditional request (with ``If-None-Match`` or
``If-Modified-Since``). If an expired object is also out of grace
time, it is no longer possible to deliver a "keep" object from
``vcl_hit``. It is possible to validate a 304 candidate from
time, then ``vcl_hit`` will no longer be called, so it is impossible
to deliver the "keep" object in this case.
Note that the headers ``If-None-Match`` and ``If-Modified-Since``,
together with the 304 behavior, are handled automatically by Varnish.
If you, for some reason, need to explicitly disable this for a backend
request, then you need do this by removing the headers in
The documentation in :ref:`users-guide-handling_misbehaving_servers`
has been expanded to discuss these matters in greater depth, look

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