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Retire also the reference to VSM_NOPID in docs

Ref previous commit to remove the use of kill(signull) on the pids of the
Varnish processes to test liveness.
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mbgrydeland committed Sep 11, 2019
1 parent b845c27 commit a3593245f5a9f149da4890dbc678dcf9142929dd
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@@ -97,22 +97,3 @@ a chance to discover the deallocation.

The include file <vapi/vsm.h> provides the supported API for accessing
VSM files.

VSM and Containers

The varnish way works great with single purpose containers. By sharing
the varnish working directory read-only, vsm readers can be run in
containers separate from those running varnishd instances on the same

When running varnishd and vsm readers in the same process namespace,
pid information can be used by vsm readers to determine if varnishd
processes are alive.

But, when running varnishd and vsm readers in different containers,
the pid information has no relevance and may even be ambiguous across
name spaces.

Thus, with such setups, the environment variable VSM_NOPID needs to be
set for vsm readers to disable use of pid information.

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