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@@ -67,6 +67,47 @@ Varnish Cache trunk (ongoing)
* Changed ``ExpKill`` log tags to emit microsecond-precision
timestamps instead of nanoseconds (2792_)
* Included ``vtree.h`` in the distribution for vmods and
renamed the red/black tree macros from ``VRB_*`` to ``VRBT_*``
to disambiguate from the acronym for Varnish Request Body.
Changed the internal organisation of dynamic PRIVs (``PRIV_TASK``,
``PRIV_TOP`` from a list to a red/black tree) for performance.
* Changed the default of the ``thread_pool_watchdog`` parameter
to 60 seconds to match the ``cli_timeout`` default
* Fix warmup/rampup of the shard director (2823_)
* Added ``vstrerror()`` as a safe wrapper for ``strerror()`` to avoid
a NULL pointer dereference under rare conditions where the latter
could return NULL. (2815_)
* Fix VRT_priv_task for calls from vcl_pipe {} (2820_)
* For ``varnishtest -L``, also keep VCL C source files
* Fix assinging <bool> == <bool> (2809_)
* Fix vmod object constructor documentation in the ```` -
generated RST files
* Vmod developers are advised that anything returned by a vmod
function/method is assumed to be immutable. In other words, a vmod
`must not` modify any data which was previously returned.
* VSB quoted output has been unified to three-digit octal,
VSB_QUOTE_ESCHEX has been added to prefer hex over octal quoting
* Varnish-based tools using the VUT interface should now consider
using the ``VUT_Usage()`` function for consistency
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