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Back-ports for 6.0.2 #2802

merged 183 commits into from Oct 31, 2018

Back-ports for 6.0.2 #2802

merged 183 commits into from Oct 31, 2018


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@dridi dridi commented Oct 16, 2018

Akin to #2799, this is the proposed set of back-ports for 6.0.2 up to current master (f56cce5).

As usual the goal is to avoid breaking the VRT and libvarnishapi ABIs since it's a stable branch with one notable difference this time. Following consensus from #2800 we are breaking two VRT symbols without changing the VRT 7.0 version because those symbols should not be used by inline C or VMOD authors.

git diff varnish-6.0.1..HEAD -- include/vrt.h

And with no surprises:

diff --git a/include/vrt.h b/include/vrt.h
index 936aa207f..3db7c0438 100644
--- a/include/vrt.h
+++ b/include/vrt.h
@@ -423,9 +423,9 @@ int VRT_Healthy(VRT_CTX, VCL_BACKEND);
 int VRT_VSA_GetPtr(const struct suckaddr *sua, const unsigned char ** dst);
 /* VMOD/Modules related */
-int VRT_Vmod_Init(VRT_CTX, struct vmod **hdl, void *ptr, int len,
+int VRT_Vmod_Init(VRT_CTX, struct vmod **hdl, unsigned nbr, void *ptr, int len,
     const char *nm, const char *path, const char *file_id, const char *backup);
-void VRT_Vmod_Fini(struct vmod **hdl);
+void VRT_Vmod_Unload(VRT_CTX, struct vmod **hdl);
 /* VCL program related */
 VCL_VCL VRT_vcl_get(VRT_CTX, const char *);

Some of the original commits were partially back-ported because sometimes patches cover a wee bit more than what the commit messages say.

I believe not to have broken the libvarnishapi ABI, and the following changes were left out:

  • the soname bump to 2.0.0
  • the SessError SLT

That last one may be introduced since we have both a patch introducing it and another moving it to the last entry to preserve binary compatibility. Feedback appreciated.

Other notable changes that were left out:

  • b51bc4a (for the lack of production feedback, already skipped for 6.0.1, can be revisited)
  • vmod-blob changes not breaking the VCL API, but relying on post-7.0 VRT_CollectStrands
  • anything VFP/VDP related
  • 6.1 release notes
  • debug.sethdr (because strands again)
  • in general the type of changes that didn't make it in 6.0.1

Debatable changes that made it in:

  • VSC groups
  • WS fail counters
  • libvgz ifdefing

I don't think they count as breaking changes. Feedback appreciated.

I found a couple nits in master, I will open separate tickets or fix them directly.

I didn't update the changelog, and according to git log and grep we should mention those tickets:

git log varnish-6.0.1..HEAD | egrep -i '(Fixes|Closes):? #' | sed 's/^\s*/- /'

I will happily spam your inbox if this gets approved, and hope someone will take care of the changelog :)

Special thanks to @hermunn!

bsdphk and others added 30 commits October 12, 2018 14:50
Submitted by:	Frederic Lecaille <>
... argument to specify a custom location

Fixes #2742
Fixes:	#2745

* either NULL or properly named
* only named arguments can be possibly be speficied multiple times
* only named arguments can be optional
* positional arguments could be missing

This appears to break the VRT interface, but there are symbols we are
willing to break even on a stable branch because they are needed by
VCC-generated code and off limits to inline C and VMODs.

Refs #2800
Submitted by:	Frederic Lecaille <>
slimhazard and others added 24 commits October 16, 2018 17:57
We use double for all time representations, yet monotonic time,
real time and durations are not to be confused.

Also, we might want to change the representation of time in the

To get an implicit documentation of the semantic type of a time
value and to facilitate working on the latter, we start off by
introducing simple typedefs which neither inply any change nor
offer any type checking. But they pave the way...
When producing files with "foo > file", always use the pattern:

	foo > file.tmp
	mv file.tmp file

Otherwise program failures end up generating partial content and
make will not even rerun the failing program next time you type make.

Actually clean CLEANFILES in the clean target.

The reference dir is not built, but it should be in the distfile
The previous code was correct already, but we can make it
clearer that HFP implies OC_F_PASS

Also test explicitly that both HFM and HFP have their objects

Closes #2768
As long as we are not queuing any threads, there is no queue to
move. We record the queue marker the first time we notice queuing and
only then see if it doesn't move.

Fixes #2794
Counts the number of times we failed a response due to running out of
workspace during delivery.

See details in r02275.vtc for why there isn't a test case for this.
and make sure the expects in the test are scrupulusly correct.
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