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using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
namespace FlexibleParser
///<summary><para>Contains all the versions of the supported systems of units.</para></summary>
public enum UnitSystems
///<summary><para>Refers to units not belonging to any supported system of units.</para></summary>
None = 0,
///<summary><para>Refers to units belonging to the International System of Units.</para></summary>
///<summary><para>Refers to units belonging to the British Imperial System of Units.</para></summary>
///<summary><para>Refers to units belonging to the U.S. Customary System of Units.</para></summary>
///<summary><para>Refers to units belonging to both Imperial and USC systems.</para></summary>
///<para>Refers to units belonging to the Centimetre-gram-second System of Units.</para>
///<para>Includes all the electric subsystems (e.g., CGS-Gaussian, CGS-ESU or CGS-EMU).</para>
///<summary><para>Contains all the supported mathematical constants.</para></summary>
public class MathematicalConstants
///<summary><para>Decimal version of Math.PI</para></summary>
public const decimal Pi = 3.141592653589793238462643383m;
///<summary><para>Decimal version of Math.E</para></summary>
public const decimal EulerNumber = 2.718281828459045235360287471m;
///<para>Contains all the supported physical constants.</para>
///<para>Source: 2014 CODATA recommended values.</para>
public class PhysicalConstants
///<summary><para>Speed of light in vacuum (c). 299792458 m/s.</para></summary>
public const decimal SpeedOfLight = 299792458m;
///<summary><para>Gravitational constant (G). 6.67408*10^-11 N*m^2/kg^2.</para></summary>
public const decimal GravitationalConstant = 6.67408E-11m;
///<summary><para>Elementary charge (e). 1.6021766208*10^-19 C.</para></summary>
public const decimal ElementaryCharge = 1.6021766208E-19m;
///<summary><para>Avogadro constant (N_A). 6.022140857*10^23 1/mol.</para></summary>
public const decimal AvogadroConstant = 6.022140857E23m;
///<summary><para>Molar gas constant (R). 8.3144598 J/(K*mol).</para></summary>
public const decimal GasConstant = 8.3144598m;
///<summary><para>Standard gravity acceleration (g). 9.80665 m/s^2.</para></summary>
public const decimal GravityAcceleration = 9.80665m;
///<summary><para>Standard atmosphere (atm). 101325 Pa.</para></summary>
public const decimal StandardAtmosphere = 101325m;
///<summary><para>Electronvolt (eV). 1.6021766208*10^−19 J.</para></summary>
public const decimal Electronvolt = 1.6021766208E-19m;
///<summary><para>Atomic mass constant (m_u). 1.66053904*10^-27 kg.</para></summary>
public const decimal AtomicMassConstant = 1.66053904E-27m;