QSAdapter.vb allows any VB.NET code to easily communicate with QuickSearch.
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QuickSearch - VB.NET Adapter

This repository includes the code of the QuickSearch adapter for VB.NET.

QuickSearch is a quick and portable alternative to databases under simplistic conditions. It is an executable which I have developed in C completely from scratch. To know more about it, visit its main page (versión en español).

The QuickSearch adapters allow to easily rely on QuickSearch from any code written in the given language, VB.NET in this case.

In this repository, you can find the following:

  • QSAdapter.vb. It includes all the adapter code.
  • visual_studio. Visual Studio (tested with VS 2012, 2015 and 2017) project generating a small application testing the QSAdapter.vb code.
  • The last versions of the QuickSearch executables (Linux and Windows) and sample resources to use them. Note that, for the Linux version, you might have to check the "Allow executing this file as program" box (right click -> Properties -> Permissions).

You might also want to take a look at:

Authorship & Copyright

I, Alvaro Carballo Garcia (varocarbas), am the sole author of each single bit of this code.

Equivalently to what happens with all my other online contributions, this code can be considered public domain. For more information about my copyright/authorship attribution ideas, visit the corresponding pages of my sites: