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Robin Grow

Robin has ended.

For reddit's 2016 April Fools Day prank


Install a userscript extension such as greasemonkey or tampermonkey:
Click here:

Then, click this link to install the script:

If you get a bunch of code instead of it installing, you can copy and paste the code as a new script in greasemonkey/tampermonkey.

You can view the source code or contribute at:


  1. Automatically votes "grow" in each round
  2. Spam blocking: Automatically blocks spammers and bots. Click on a username to block additional users
  3. Shows a countdown of the time remaining in each round
  4. Displays the total vote counts for each option
  5. Your username color is visible in chat


0.2: Using grow command instead of clicking stuff. Sends command when page is loaded, and also every minute just in case.
0.3: Also informs the page about the script
0.4: Detects if you've already voted for grow and won't spam the vote.
0.5: Automatic reload on no activity
0.7: Now shows useful information at the top of the page as well.
0.8: Fixed time bug, will rejoin on a failed chatroom
0.9: Will now only send the message one time, won't resend the message on refresh!
1.0: Better UI
1.1: Gets actual counts from reddit backend
1.2: Filters out bots which start with '['
1.3: Filters out messages that users keep repeating
1.4: Improved performance
1.5: Plays a sound when you are mentioned in chat
1.6: Adds a send message button for mobile
1.7: Refreshes the page if reddit is down. Also highlights your messages in the chat
1.8: Links in the chat are clickable. Saves the blocked users list upon refresh. Highlights the trivia bot in comments
2.0: Adds support for channel tabs
2.1: Adds standings info for the largest rooms


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Automatically votes to grow with robin






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