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Featured in issues 327 and 347 of Golang Weekly 🎉

go-reddit is a Go client library for accessing the Reddit API.

You can view Reddit's official API documentation here.


To get a specific version from the list of versions:

go get

Or for the latest version:

go get

The repository structure for managing multiple major versions follows the one outlined here.


Make sure to have a Reddit app with a valid client id and secret. Here is a quick guide on how to create an app and get credentials.

package main

import ""

func main() {
    credentials := reddit.Credentials{ID: "id", Secret: "secret", Username: "username", Password: "password"}
    client, _ := reddit.NewClient(credentials)

You can pass in a number of options to NewClient to further configure the client (see reddit/reddit-options.go). For example, to use a custom HTTP client:

httpClient := &http.Client{Timeout: time.Second * 30}
client, _ := reddit.NewClient(credentials, reddit.WithHTTPClient(httpClient))

Read-Only Mode

The DefaultClient method returns a valid, read-only client with limited access to the Reddit API, much like a logged out user. You can initialize your own and configure it further using options via NewReadonlyClient:

client, _ := reddit.NewReadonlyClient()


Configure the client from environment variables. When using this option, it's ok to pass an empty struct for the credentials.
client, _ := reddit.NewClient(reddit.Credentials{}, reddit.FromEnv)
Submit a comment.
comment, _, err := client.Comment.Submit(context.Background(), "t3_postid", "comment body")
if err != nil {
    return err
fmt.Printf("Comment permalink: %s\n", comment.Permalink)
Upvote a post.
_, err := client.Post.Upvote(context.Background(), "t3_postid")
if err != nil {
    return err
Get r/golang's top 5 posts of all time.
posts, _, err := client.Subreddit.TopPosts(context.Background(), "golang", &reddit.ListPostOptions{
    ListOptions: reddit.ListOptions{
        Limit: 5,
    Time: "all",
if err != nil {
    return err
fmt.Printf("Received %d posts.\n", len(posts))

More examples are available in the examples folder.


The package design is heavily inspired from Google's GitHub API client and DigitalOcean's API client.


Contributions are welcome! For any bug reports/feature requests, feel free to open an issue or submit a pull request.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.