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CS 449

CS 449 at Pitt is Intro to Systems Software. I took it with Dr. Misurda in Spring '18.

It is the first class we were introduced to C and the precursor to OS. This is collection of the labs and projects we did in this class. Here are brief descriptions of the projects we completed. For more in-depth descriptions go into the individual readmes.

Project 1: RPS & BMP Editor

This project was to get familiar with C. It had two parts. A simple Rock, Paper, Scissors game to get used to strings in C. And then a Bitmap editor that could inverts and grayscale images. The Bitmap editor was cool because we were actually working with the bytes in a file.

Project 2: Password Cracking

This project was very challenging. Given 3 compiled executables, we were tasked with finding the passwords that needed to be entered into the programs to make them succeed. This required decompiling to assembly, using gdb, and other techniques.

Project 3: Malloc

Implement a custom malloc function. This required thinking about how malloc worked and how objects and pointers in memory were stored.

Project 4: My Shell

Create a custom shell. Pretty standard for a systems software class. Involved using threading and syscalls.

Project 5: /dev/pi

Create a device driver that could return the specified digits of pi. Code was easy. The difficulty was conceptually understanding what was going.


Intro to Systems Software



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