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Browser extension which tells you how much page left to read (pltr) 📃🤓
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pltr is a browser extension which helps you show the progress you have made with the page as you scroll through

Chrome web store Firefox Add-ons Opera addons


pltr adds a small ribbon to the top of the page on page load: pltr showing small red ribbon on top of page upon load

As you progress through the page, pltr ribbon starts filling width of the screen pltr ribbon filling width of page on scrolling to the bottom

Here's a video for a better demo

pltr video demo showing how the ribbon advances on page progress


I read a lot of articles on mobile when I am traveling to and from my office. A big part of me deciding whether to read the article at that time or to just save it for reading later solely depends on how lengthy it is. Since I use Firefox for Android and knowing Firefox supports installing add-ons on Android, I decided to solve my own problem.


Jump over to Firefox Add-ons or Chrome web store and you are good to go. You can also use it if you use Firefox for Android.


Past releases of pltr are hosted at release page


You can build from the source. This is recommended if you want to add some changes. Make sure you have node and npm installed before proceeding

git clone
cd pltr
npm i
npm run dev      # for development build
npm run build    # for minified, production build

You will get the bundled extension inside dist/pltr. Follow the guidelines for your browser on how to side load the extension

MIT Licensed

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