Keeps up to date with the announcements of SRM University
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SRM Announcement Desktop Notifier

Never miss an important announcement of your college again 😉



How to

$ git clone
$ cd srmAnnouncementInformer/
$ nano
  • Change the number of notifications you want to see from the top in the global variable name no_of_notifs. Max is 10
$ python


$ pip install beautifulsoup4
$ pip install requests
$ apt-get install python-gobject
$ apt-get install libnotify-bin

Bonus 🎉

Coz who doesn't like some add-ons

The file can be set under as a cron-job to be run at every minute/hour/boot. Alas the OSD of linux kernel and cronTab are set up under different environment, and thus we have to work our way around a bit. In order to create a cronjob for the python file, keep reading:

$ chmod 700 srmAnnouncementInformer/bin/export_x_info
$ sh srmAnnouncementInformer/bin/export_x_info
  • Now open Dash and under Startup Applications, add the export_x_info script
  • Under crontab -e add the following two lines in the begining
  • Depending on your schedule and path, your crontab should look along the line of the following:
@reboot source ~/.Xdbus; python srmAnnouncementInformer/


This project was inspired from Result-Reminder by @Sandeeprds95. Why not make a general announcement notifier. 😃

Bug Hunt?

Report it at issue tracker 🔫 💣


MIT License © Varun Dey