Unity 3D Data Visualization Library
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Project Overview:

This software is a Visualization Platform for Augmented Reality to visualize data. The core of this software lies in the modular capability with the use of plugins. The base code allows for the user to select a plugin for a Dynamic Vis Tool, either a 2D or 3D Platform, which can be moved around the room and resized. The objective of this library is to provide a set of tools to ease the creation of data visualization models for Augmented and Virtual Reality.


  • Platform for visualizing data.
  • Control and Generation of Displays
  • Modular Structure



  • Population
  • Weather

Force Directed Graphs

3D Graph Toolkit

  • Scatter Plot
  • Bar Charts
  • Pie Charts (Sphere Charts)
  • Multi Dimensional

State of the Academy

Model Visualization

  • Importing and modifying construction of models
  • Providing a barebone menu for interaction