Responsive CSS3 based slider with audio support
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A simple, responsive slider with no external dependencies except Jquery.
View a demo of A-Slider

  • No dependencies except jQuery; works well with Twitter Bootstrap if required
  • Specify optional audio for each slide
  • Specify slide duration individually for each slide
  • Supports multiple sliders on the same page
  • Uses CSS 3 transitions for better performance
  • Slide any content, not just images
  • Configuration done using HTML attributes - no javascript configuration needed

Note that there is no way to control the slider using JavaScript once initialised.


bower install a-slider or download aslider.js from this repository and add it manually


Include aslider.js and jQuery.
Set class="aslider" to declare a slider.
Within an aslider, any elements with a class of "aslide" are slides.


<div class="aslider">
    <div class="aslide" data-duration="12">
        <img src="animage.jpg" alt="an image" />
    <div class="aslide" data-duration="22" data-audio="avideo.mp3" data-audio-loop>
        <h1>This slide has text and a video</h1>
        <video src="avideo.flv" />

#####Configuration options (for the entire slider, applied to the element with class aslider):

data-hide-controls: If present, hides the controls - both the mute and the pause buttons.

data-hide-mute: If present, hides the mute button.

data-hide-pause: If present, hides the pause button.

#####Configuration options (for each slide):

Duration the slide should be shown, in seconds. Required.

data-audio="<path to audio>":
An audio clip to play when this slide is shown. Optional.

data-audio-loop: If present, this tag causes audio for the slide to loop. Optional.