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Pi-Hole Android Private DNS Installer

I came across Pi-hole about a year ago, and have been using it on and off since then for small projects.

A few months ago I decided to use it for private DNS, but the compatibility with Android Private DNS was not widely available or effective. I spent many hours searching over the internet, piecing together code from various sources and testing it.

I am finally happy to say that I am able to create a working piece of code for Android Private DNS!

As a member of the open source community, I would like to give back, and am posting the code here for use by fellow members. I am sure there are at least a few members out there who may have need for this code.


  1. Ubuntu / Debain Based (Any Version)
  2. Pi-Hole Installed With Web Server
  3. Forward The Following Ports in TCP (80,443,853) to your Pihole instance.

Note I dont use Raspberry Pi to run Pi-Hole so i was not able to test. but the same steps are required for it.


This is a simple script which requires 2 arguments

  1. Domain Name To Run Android Private DNS Service Example:
  2. Email To Share with letsencrypt to get an SSL For Android Private DNS

For Pihole 5

sudo wget
sudo bash {domain_name} {email_for_letsencrypt}

Example Run sudo bash

For Pihole 4 & Below

sudo wget
sudo bash {domain_name} {email_for_letsencrypt}

Example Run sudo bash

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