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IpfsCloud: A Decentralized, Anonymous Cloud Storage Platform on IPFS. A project under ClusterLabs.

Using IpfsCloud Locally.

  • Clone the repository: git clone

  • For getting the latest development code: git pull origin development; git checkout development
    For getting the latest stable code: git pull origin production; git checkout production

  • Add the ipfscloud root folder to your webserver root folder.
    For eg. In Linux, apache webserver: /var/www/html/
    Add the folder: /var/www/html/ipfscloud

  • Open the application in browser: http://localhost/ipfscloud

Developer APIs

You can find developer APIs here: Developer Docs

IpfsCloud Upload Button Widget

Using this you can embed IpfsCloud button to your site. A user can click the widget, which will prompt the user to add a file to be uploaded. After choosing the file the upload will start and an on completion of the upload, an event will be fired which can be used to:

  • check the status of the upload("success" or "failed")
  • retrieve data related to the upload(file "hash" and "size")

How to use?

Here is a sample code to get started:

<!--CSS CDN link for IpfsCloud widget-->
<link href="" rel="stylesheet">

        <!--this div element will form the button-->
        <div id="IpfsCloudUploader"></div>

<!--JQuery needed for functioning of the widget-->
<script src="" integrity="sha256-FgpCb/KJQlLNfOu91ta32o/NMZxltwRo8QtmkMRdAu8=" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

<!--JS CDN link for IpfsCloud widget-->
<script src="" ></script>

The above sample will display a button wherever you place the div tag with id IpfsCloudUploader.

Events are fired through the global element ipfscloud.

ipfscloud.addEventListener("icevent", function(event) {

The event icevent outputs the following when upload is completed or an error is encountered while uploading:

  • In case of successful upload:
    "status" : "success",
    "data": {
        "hash": "hash of the uploaded file",
        "path": "path of the uploaded file",
        "size": size of the file in bytes
    "error": null
  • In case of error encountered while uploading a file:
    "status" : "failed",
    "data": null,
    "error": "some error"

NOTE that the UI is handled automatically after a successful upload or a failure.

Apps made using IpfsCloud

  • IpfsHost: Host your website in a minute for free(paid version with new features will be released soon). You can host websites/webapps (not server-side code) on IpfsHost. You can host in 2 simple steps:

    • Choose a name for your website/webapp: Visit IpfsHost and click "Host a Website" and typein a name of your choice(let's say ""). Your website/webapp will be hosted at:
    • Upload website zipped code: After selecting a name, you will have to upload ZIPPED file(here is an example ZIP file for reference). After uploading website code, click "Upload your website" and in few seconds to a minute(depending on your file size) your website will be live :) P.S. If you don't have website code, then you can use our free website builder. You can report a bug or suggest a feature here.
  • IpfsDocs: IpfsDocs is an decentralized alternative to Google Docs and Microsoft Word. You can:

    • Create documents
    • Edit documents
    • Share editable links for collaborative editing.
    • Share read-only links for read-only purposes. You can report a bug or suggest a feature here.

Demos Videos of all Apps


  • Follow the Guidelines from to contribute. We love and support contributors and PRs :)

Reporting a Bug, Issues or Suggesting Features

  • You can report Bugs, Issues and suggest features here.