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Lens For Ghost. A Image Heavy Portfolio Theme For Ghost
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package.json Lens For Ghost v1.0 Uploaded Feb 23, 2018

Lens For Ghost

Image Heavy Portfolio Theme For Ghost. Lens For Ghost


Lens For Ghost is a free Ghost Blog theme, which is perfect for a image heavy portfolio. Thanks to HTML5UP for providing this nice HTML theme which I converted as a Ghost Blog theme. This is also my first Ghost Blog theme, so I hope it is useful for you.


  1. Minimal Design
  2. Image Heavy
  3. One Page!
  4. SASS files included.
  5. A bunch of other bits and bobs.


Just clone or download this repo as ZIP, and head over to the design section of your Ghost Installation and click on the button called "Upload Theme", and select the ZIP file you have just downloaded. Thats it. Don't forget to save changes, and now your site should be up and running with the Lens For Ghost theme.

Download Lens For Ghost

Preview Images

Alternative Preview Image

Preview On Smart Phone


This theme is released under the "Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0)".

Note: You must give credit to HTML5UP as well as me (Vasanth Developer) for making this a Ghost Theme.

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