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This page will guide you to add topics on your Ghost blog running Aakari Ghost theme.

The handlebars partial topics-bar.hbs is the file where topics are stored. Firstly, open a terminal or command prompt and navigate into to your Ghost installation's root directory. On a typical production server, it would be /var/www/ghost/. But in a development environment, it would be something different.

All the Ghost themes are stored in the /content/themes directory relative to your Ghost installation. Run the below command to enter into the partials directory of Aakari Ghost theme:

cd ./content/themes/aakari/partials

Here you will find a file named topics-bar.hbs as said above, this is the file where the markup for the topics bar is stored. Use any text editor of your choice to replace the topics-bar.hbs according to your requirement. Below is the template for adding a new topics item:

<li class="nav-item">
	<a class="nav-link" href="{{@blog.url}}/tag/[slug]">[tag_name]</a>

Note: Replace the [slug] text in the above markup template with the slug of the actual tag that you want the link to go to. Also, replace the [tag_name] in the above markup template to show the friendly name of the tag.

Replace the below <li> to remove the helpful placeholder, with any number of the above-shown markup, to add topics into the topics bar:

	<p class="nav-link">Visit <a target="_blank" href="#">here</a> to see how tags can be changed.</p>
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