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( इतिवृत्तः ) - A dynamic logging module written in JavaScript
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itivrutaha is an open-source, dynamically modifiable logging system for NodeJS.

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💿 Installation

npm install --save itivrutaha

Or, if you are using Yarn, then

yarn add itivrutaha

🚴‍♂️ Quick Start

After installing itivrutaha using the above commands, you can use it in the following way:

// Require the itivrutaha logging system
const itivrutaha = require('itivrutaha')

// Create a new instance of the Logger
let logger = itivrutaha.createNewLogger({
    // Optional configuration

// Examples of logging with itivrutaha
logger.success('Always makes users happy')
logger.note('Point to be noted')'User knows something is happening')
logger.okay('Not an info message')
logger.verbose('Always makes developer\'s live easy')
logger.error('Should never happen')

To know what optional configuration options can be passed and how you can dynamically change the theme (layout of the log message) and styles, checkout the customization page.

✔ Todo

  • Logging messages to the console
  • Dynamically modify the logging messages
  • File logging support

📰 License

The itivrutaha project is released under the MIT license.
Developed & Maintained By Vasanth Developer. Copyright 2019 © Vasanth Developer.  ·  YouTube @vasanthdeveloper  ·  Twitter @vasanthdevelope  ·  Discord Vasanth Developer

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