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SyncedUI (1080p) - Note: 1440p version available here -
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SyncedUI is a compilation created using pfUI to form a complete and fully fuctional interface for 1.12 WoW clients.
Special thanks to Shagu, Shino, Aviana, Athene and Shirsig.

Note: This release is for 1080p users only. The 1440p release of SyncedUI can be found here.




Included Addons

  • pfUI - A complete rewrite of the stock UI.
  • HealComm - Visual representation of incoming heals
  • KTM 17.35 - Threat meter
  • SWStats - Combat analysis
  • Mik's Scrolling Battle Text - Scrolling combat text
  • VCB - Consolidated buff frames
  • Cooline - Track your cooldowns neatly
  • Linkmend - Converts clink item links into actual item links, also localizes items that would otherwise appear in another language
  • Mail - Improved mailbox interface
  • Crafty - Improved crafting interface
  • Extended Quest Log - Improved quest log
  • MobHealth3 - MobHealth3 is a mod that calculates hostile monster and player HP

Recommended Addons

  • WIM (continued) Give whispers an instant messenger feel.
  • Decursive Dispel & decurse automation.
  • Cartographer Cartographer is a modular, lightweight, and efficient framework for manipulation of the world map with mining/herb support.
  • Atlas The best version of Atlas, Atlas Loot, and Atlas Quest your going to find for the 1.12 client.
  • BigWigs-Kronos Boss timers for use on the Kronos server.
  • BigWigs-Elysium Boss timers for use on the Elysium server.


  1. Backup your current Interface & WTF folders or make a new client (Recommended)
  2. Delete Interface/WTF & unpack the ZIP. Place the provided SyncedUI Interface/WTF folders in the WoW directory.
  3. Navigate to /WTF, find and rename the "your-account" folder to your account name in all caps.
  4. Rename the "Kronos" folder to the realm your currently playing on.
  5. Rename the "your-character" folder to your characters name, make a copy and rename for any alts on that account.
  6. Delete the WDB Folder
  7. Start WoW and configure Video, Sound, Interface, Keybinds and Macro's. Note: You can use pfUI to hover bind your bars.

Addon Commands

/pfui       Open the configuration GUI  
/gm         Open the ticket Dialog  
/rl         Reload the whole UI  
/swstats    Configure damage meter  
/msbt       Configure scrolling battle text  


How can I enable mouseover cast?
Create a macro with "/pfcast SPELLNAME". If you also want to see the cooldown, You might want to add "/run if nil then CastSpellByName("SPELLNAME") end" on top of the macro.

How can I resize frames when pfUI is unlocked?
Hold shift and hover over the frame you wish to modify and then mouse wheel up to increase scale, and down to decrease scale.

How can I move my Raid frames and keep them interlocked?
Hold shift and select a raid frame in the middle and drag, the entire frames will interlock to it's new location.

How can I make my own profile?
Enter pfUI config and create a new profile, rename it and modify to your taste & save. This is handy to have if you have a healer and DPS toon.

How do I make my swstats come back, it disappeared?
Type /sws bars


Shagu - pfUI
Shino - VCB
Athene - MSBT
Shirsig - Linkmend, Postal, Crafty
Aviana - Healcomm

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