Ubuntu Desktop Wallet Installation Guide

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LiteDoge wallet binaries are currently not available for Linux. This guide walks you trough installing the Ubuntu Desktop Wallet with graphical user interface from source.

The commands in this guide should be executed in a Terminal application.


Update the OS:

sudo apt-get update -qqy --fix-missing \
    && apt-get upgrade -y \
    && apt-get clean -y \
    && apt-get autoremove -y --purge

Install Litedoge dependencies:

sudo apt-get install build-essential -y \
    && apt-get install libssl-dev -y \
    && apt-get install libdb++-dev -y \
    && apt-get install libboost-all-dev -y \
    && apt-get install libminiupnpc-dev -y \
    && apt-get install git -y

Download LiteDoge Core

Clone the litedoge source code and cd into litedoge

git clone https://github.com/vashshawn/LDOGE && cd LDOGE

Build the LiteDoge-QT wallet

Install QT build tools:

sudo apt install qt5-default qt5-qmake qtbase5-dev-tools qttools5-dev-tools \
    build-essential libboost-dev libboost-system-dev \
    libboost-filesystem-dev libboost-program-options-dev libboost-thread-dev \
    libssl-dev libdb++-dev libminiupnpc-dev

Configure and build LiteDoge-QT



Running LiteDoge-QT

LiteDoge QT Wallet is now available at ./LiteDoge-QT



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