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#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
@interface QueryToken : NSObject {
- (NSString*) label;
@interface QueryPartToken : NSObject {
int partNumber;
- (id) initWithPartNumber: (int) partNumber;
- (int) partNumber;
- (NSString*) label;
@interface InputToken : NSObject {
- (NSString*) label;
@interface KeywordMapping : NSObject {
NSString* keyword;
NSString* expansion;
BOOL dontUseUnicode;
BOOL encodeSpaces;
- (id) initWithKeyword: (NSString*) theKeyword fromDictionary: (NSDictionary*) dictionary;
- (id) initWithKeyword: (NSString*) theKeyword
expansion: (NSString*) theExpansion;
- (id) initWithKeyword: (NSString*) theKeyword
expansion: (NSString*) theExpansion
dontUseUnicode: (BOOL) theDontUseUnicode
encodeSpaces: (BOOL) theEncodeSpaces;
- (NSString*) keyword;
- (void) setKeyword: (NSString*) newKeyword;
- (NSString*) expansion;
- (NSArray*) expansionAsTokens;
- (void) setExpansion: (NSString*) newExpansion;
- (void) setDontUseUnicode: (BOOL) flag;
- (BOOL) dontUseUnicode;
- (void) setEncodeSpaces: (BOOL) flag;
- (BOOL) encodeSpaces;
- (NSDictionary*) toDictionary;
Encodes a query using the settings (Unicode, etc.) of this mapping.
- (NSString*) encodeQuery: (NSString*) query;
Tokenizes a query into parts. Each word is a part, as is each phrase (multiple words enclosed in
double quotes).
- (NSArray*) tokenizeParts: (NSString*) query;
Expands a query using this mapping, returning the expanded version.
- (NSString*) expand: (NSString*) input forKeyword: (NSString*) keyword;
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