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A collection of various experiments and games written in Java with Processing.
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Processing Experiments


Planets is a really cool n-body physics simulation of Newtonian planets floating around in space. Originally written by me in C# .NET in the 8th grade, I've transposed the program to Java in Processing and cleaned it up a bit.


I made an implementation of the arcade game Snake in Java with Processing.


Brute force black and white image grid reverse search. You give it a pattern and it tries all possible images until it finds it. Obviously this would be expanded to actual-resolution grids, but it's 5x5 as a proof of concept. If you let it run for a minute it comes up with its result-- a smile.


This is a toy implementation of a framework for UI elements. Featuring buttons, text boxes, and more, it provides support for event handling using Runnable objects passed to control constructors.


This is a tiny physics simulation, featuring a bunch of bouncy balls in a square window. It includes edge detection and bouncing, with a loose interpretation of Newtonian physics. Collisions between particles are kinda broken but it looks neat.

What's Processing? Click here to find out!

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