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Adds a mAh battery indicator to the Mac bar.
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mAh Battery.xcodeproj
mAh Battery

mAh Battery

Adds a mAh (milliampere-hours) battery level indicator to the Mac bar.

This meme was created by the 4:00 AM gang.

By the way this is totally a joke, it's the first thing I ever wrote in Swift. lol gotem


Get it cause the screen was shot



How Do I Use It?

  • Prerequisites:
    • XCode
    • A MacBook
    • a will to live
  1. Clone the repository.
  2. Open the project in XCode.
  3. Press ⌘ R (Command + R) to run, or use the Build option from the menu.
  4. Install the generated .app file into your Applications folder.
  5. Go to System Preferences > Users and Groups > Login Items, click +, and add the app.
  6. Hold and drag the little thing to wherever your little heart desires.

Why Does this Exist?

Why does anything exist? Does anything exist? 🤔 *cmatrix intensifies*

How Does it Work?


JK. It works pretty well. It's very simple, too:

I blatantly copied some code from God-knows-where and put it in Battery.swift, then wrote the BatteryAPI as a completely un-necessary frivolity to interface with it, with a series of highly complicated and useful functions such as:

func isCharging() -> String {
    return String(battery.isCharging());

Yeah that's right. I use semicolons in Swift.

Oooh. Aaah.

Basically it's a bunch of menuitems with an update function that does this:

statusItem.button?.title = batteryApi.currentCapacity(unit: true);
currentCapacityOutlet.title = "Current Capacity: " + batteryApi.currentCapacity();
maxCapacityOutlet.title = "Maximum Capacity: " + batteryApi.maxCapacity();

On a timer that looks like this:

    timeInterval: 5, 
    target: self, 
    selector: #selector(StatusMenuController.timerFire), 
    userInfo: nil, 
    repeats: true


Nah. I mean, if you really want to, I won't stop you. But there are probably many better things to do with your time.


This software is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License. 'Cause it's the CC license with the coolest name :) And also 'cause they say not to use it for code, and I'm that guy.

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