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The nation's largest high school tech conference.
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TechOlympics Website

TechOlympics is the nation's largest high school student-run tech conference.

The Website

To see the website, go to

This Repository

This repository contains a selection of files relevant to the current TechOlympics website, which I created in 2017-18. Of course, sensitive information has been redacted/removed.

Some interesting files of note are in the root directory:

  • report.sql: This is a monster-length SQL query for generating a full report of all users and their current registration status.

  • custom-php.php: Custom PHP code written by me that is injected into the WordPress site.

  • gravityforms-schema.json: Exported file from GravityForms representing the structure of forms that make up the registration workflow.

  • export-pages.xml: WordPress export of all page content.

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