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Gets Google Map directions from one address to another. Having a map on the page is totally optional.
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jqDirect is a minimalistic plugin for jQuery that gets Google Map directions from one address to another. Having a map on the page is totally optional & directions are printable with a built in method. Take a look at index.html for examples or check out the demo.


Load jQuery (1.9.1+), Google Maps v3, and jqDirect:

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<script src="jqDirect.min.js"></script>

Create a map with an initial marker:

<div id="map-canvas"></div>
var $map = $('#map-canvas');
  to: 'Raleigh, NC'

Get directions from one address to another: This example could be triggered on some event... like a form submit():

// somewhere on the page you have this: <div id="directions-output"></div>
var $output = $('#directions-output');

// Use $({}) if you don't have/want a map
$map.jqDirect('calcRoute', {
  'from': 'Boston, MA', 

  // You can specify a different 'to' address here (* by default it uses the one you set above )
  // 'to': 'New York, NY',

  // Where should the list of directions output?
  'output': $output

Print the outputted directions:

// A link to trigger printing
var $print = $('#print');

// It's important to first remove the event because some Browsers trigger `print()` more than once
$print.on('click.jqdirect', function (e) {

  // If output has the directions
  if ($output.children().length) {
    $map.jqDirect('print'); // call jqDirect's built in method

Add additional markers to the map if needed:

// Both are equivalent
$map.jqDirect("addMarker", 'Boston, MA');
$'jqdirect').addMarker('Raleigh, NC');

Known Issues

  1. When printing directions, the map may fall in between 2 pages, therefore showing cut off.
  2. On the printed directions, the map is positioned incorrectly.
  3. On the printed map, the route line (blue line) does not appear.
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