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A complete jQuery plugin for creating Browser popups.
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jQuery winPop

jQuery winPop makes it easy to work with native Browser windows.


Default Settings

      width: 600,
      height: 400,

      top: 0,
      left: 0,
      center: true,

      title: 'Untitled Document',
      name: 'newWindow',

      head: '',
      body: {
        elem: '',
        method: 'html'

      eventName: 'click',
      delegateElem : '',

      callBefore: undefined,
      callAfter: undefined

Example Usage

Load the plugin file after jQuery

<script type="text/javascript" src="winPop.js"></script>

Prepare some content to append to the head of the new window's document

var popupHead = '<style>';
popupHead += 'body { background: #f0f0f0; }';
popupHead += '</style>';

Call the plugin on an element with the desired settings and you're done

  // Popup document <title>
  title: 'Lorem Ipsum',

  // Popup name
  name: 'loremIpsum',

  // The stuff you want to put in the <head> of the popup document
  head: popupHead,

  // The stuff that goes in the <body>
  body: {
    // Selector to retrieve the body's content from and add it to the newly created window - e.g. { elem: '#main' }
    // If elem is empty or not set, the element that called winPop will be used
    elem: '',

    // How should we grab the content. Choose between 'outerhtml', 'html', and 'text'
    method: 'outerhtml'

  // Which element should trigger the popup window? If not set, the element that called winPop triggers the popup
  delegateElem: 'a[data-rel="ul-popup"]',

  // Do stuff before the popup window opens. Access is given to the options object
  callBefore: function (opts) { 
    // Log the options object
    console.log('options: ', opts); 

    // Perhaps you want to change its document title before the new window opens
    opts.title = "New Ipsum"; 

  // The native Browser window is set as a parameter to this callback
  callAfter: function (browserWin) {
    // Since we have access to the window, we also have access to its document
    console.log('browser window: ', browserWin.document);

    // Manipulate the new popup's document contents as needed

    // or print the popup's document

    window.setTimeout(function() {
      // close it programmatically if needed
    }, 2000);
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