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A free QlikView App that allows you to visualize your QlikView solution as a system of related elements.
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Lineage / Dependency Analyzer for QlikView

A free QlikView App that allows you to visualize your QlikView solution as a system of related elements.

The application scans your QV environment and automatically discovers dependencies between QVW Apps, QVD Tables, Flat files etc. Then it shows you what the properties of the system are: it's goals (i.e. final user analytical apps), inputs and outputs of the elements, the complexity of direct and indirect relations. All in form of a single image - graph. And in lists of course.

Search and navigate the dependencies in an associative manner

Just filter any Entity of interest and instantly find out which other Entities depend on this one, even if they lay far behind in a data flow. So you know where a collision would rise if you made any harmful changes (say removing a field) to this particular Element.

Analyze the lineage of your data

When facing a question like "what exact data sources are you using for this specific QVW App?", you'll be ready to answer it in seconds. Just make a search in Entities listbox and filter out the one, then filter Ancestor relations. Now you have all the necessary information - a list of all sources and transformations involved in data flows as well as their abstract scheme on the graph.

Get a visibility into data structures

Simply said, data in a QlikView solution is organised into Data Models (QVW) plus Data Files (QVD/Flat files) and Tables plus Fields inside them. The application helps you find out similarities and differences and relations between those mentioned. For example: which fields are most commonly used and which - least? Which App has the widest Fact table? If you are to make changes to a field - what Apps need to be considered? And so on.

Further reading: Qlik Community Item: Lineage / Dependency Analyzer for QlikView

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