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QML support for the Go language
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QML support for the Go language

This is an ALPHA release

This package is in an alpha stage, and still in heavy development. APIs may change, and things may break.

At this time contributors and developers that are interested in tracking the development closely are encouraged to use it. If you'd prefer a more stable release, please hold on a bit and subscribe to the mailing list for news. It's in a pretty good state, so it shall not take too long.


See this video for a quick demo and overview, and the follow up to see it working on an Ubuntu Touch phone.


Please join the mailing list for following relevant development news and discussing project details.

API documentation

The API documentation is available in the usual location.


To try the alpha release you'll need:

  • Go 1.2 (release candidate), for the C++ support of go build
  • Qt 5.0.X or 5.1.X with the development files
  • The Qt headers qmetaobject_p.h and qmetaobjectbuilder_p.h, for the dynamic meta object support

See below for more details about getting these requirements installed in different environments and operating systems.

After the requirements are satisfied, go get should work as usual:

go get

Requirements on Ubuntu

If you are using Ubuntu, the Ubuntu SDK will take care of the Qt dependencies:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-sdk-team/ppa
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install ubuntu-sdk qtbase5-private-dev qtdeclarative5-private-dev

and Go 1.2 may be installed using godeb:

$ # Pick the right one for your system: 386 or amd64
$ ARCH=amd64
$ wget -q$ARCH.tar.gz
$ tar xzvf godeb-$ARCH.tar.gz
$ sudo mv godeb /usr/local/bin
$ godeb list | head -1
$ godeb install 1.2rc1
$ go get

Requirements on Mac OS X

On Mac OS X you'll need gcc (not a symlinked clang, as it complains about -std=c++11), and must specify the CXX, PKG_CONFIG_PATH, and CGO_CPPFLAGS environment variables.

Something along these lines should be effective:

$ brew tap homebrew/versions
$ brew install gcc48 qt5

$ export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=`brew --prefix qt5`/lib/pkgconfig
$ QT5VERSION=`pkg-config --cflags Qt5Core | sed 's/^.*\(5\..\..\).*/\1/g'`
$ # For "private/qmetaobject_p.h" inclusion
$ export CGO_CPPFLAGS=-I`brew --prefix qt5`/include/QtCore/$QT5VERSION/QtCore
$ CXX=g++-4.8 go get

For Mac OS X Mavericks you may need to use brew install qt5 --HEAD and check that QT5VERSION is something reasonable like 5.2.0, ls /usr/local/Cellar/qt5/HEAD/include/QtCore/ | grep '^5' should also work.

Requirements on Windows

On Windows you'll need the following:

Then, assuming Qt was installed under C:\Qt5.1.1\, set up the following environment variables in the respective configuration:

CPATH += C:\Qt5.1.1\5.1.1\mingw48_32\include;C:\Qt5.1.1\5.1.1\mingw48_32\include\QtCore\5.1.1\QtCore
LIBRARY_PATH += C:\Qt5.1.1\5.1.1\mingw48_32\lib
PATH += C:\Qt5.1.1\5.1.1\mingw48_32\bin

After reopening the shell for the environment changes to take effect, this should work:

go get

Requirements everywhere else

If your operating system does not offer these dependencies readily, you may still have success installing Go 1.2rc1 and Qt 5.0.2 directly from the upstreams.

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