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#!/usr/bin/env python
## mruser
## This program provides an interface to retrieve information about Moira users.
## It could also provide the writing functions, but the developer of this software does
## not have access to test that functionality nor is insane enough to set up a test Moira
## server.
from pymoira import User
import common, ownership
import colorama
def format_user_status(user):
statuses = {
0 : ('Registerable', 'blue', False),
1 : ('Active', 'green', False),
2 : ('Half-registered', 'blue', True ),
3 : ('Deleted', 'red', False),
4 : ('Non-registerable', None, False),
5 : ('Enrolled -- Registerable', 'cyan', False),
6 : ('Enrolled -- Unregisterable', None, False),
7 : ('Half-enrolled', None, False),
8 : ('Registered -- Kerberos-only', 'yellow', False),
9 : ('Active -- Kerberos-only', 'yellow', False),
10 : ('Supsended', 'red', True ),
11 : ('Expired', 'red', True ),
12 : ('Expired -- Kerberos-only', 'red', True ),
if user.status not in statuses:
return "Unknown status code (%i)" % user.status
text, color, bold = statuses[user.status]
if color: text = common.color_text(text, color)
if bold : text = common.emph_text(text)
if user.status in {User.Registerable, User.HalfRegistered}:
text += " (needs secure Account Coupun)"
text += " (no Account Coupon needed)"
return text
def show_info():
"""Handle 'mruser info'."""
user = User(client, args.user)
if user.middle_name:
realname = "%s %s %s" % (user.first_name, user.middle_name, user.last_name)
realname = "%s %s" % (user.first_name, user.last_name)
common.section_header( "Information about user %s" % common.emph_text( )
('Login name',,
('Real name', realname),
('Status', format_user_status(user)),
('User ID', user.uid),
('MIT ID', user.mit_id),
('Class', user.user_class),
('Shell (Unix)',,
('Shell (Windows)', user.windows_shell),
('Comments', user.comments) if user.comments else None,
('Sponsor', str(user.sponsor) if user.sponsor else 'None'),
('Expires', user.expiration) if user.expiration else None,
('Alternate email', user.alternate_email) if user.alternate_email else None,
('Alternate phone', user.alternate_phone) if user.alternate_phone else None,
('Created', "%s by %s" % (common.last_modified_date(user.created_date), user.created_by)),
('Last modified', "%s by %s using %s" % (common.last_modified_date(user.lastmod_datetime), user.lastmod_by, user.lastmod_with)),
def show_ownerships():
"""Handle 'mruser ownerships'."""
user = User(client, args.user)
ownership.show_ownerships(client, args, user)
def setup_subcommands(argparser):
"""Sets up all the subcommands."""
subparsers = argparser.add_subparsers()
parser_info = subparsers.add_parser('info', help = 'Provide the information about the user')
parser_info.add_argument('user', help = 'The user to inspect')
parser_ownerships = subparsers.add_parser('ownerships', help = 'Show items which this user owns')
parser_ownerships.add_argument('user', help = 'The name of the user to show information about')
parser_ownerships.add_argument('-r', '--recursive', action = 'store_true', help = 'Show items which this user own through being in lists')
parser_info.set_defaults(handler = show_info)
parser_ownerships.set_defaults(handler = show_ownerships)
if __name__ == '__main__':
client, args = common.init('mruser', 'Inspect Moira users', setup_subcommands)