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\report{Jean-Philippe Bernardy}%05/09
\status{active development}
\participants{Nicolas Pouillard, Jeff Wheeler, and many others}
Yi is an editor written in Haskell and extensible in Haskell. We leverage the
expressiveness of Haskell to provide an editor which is powerful and easy to
Defining characteristics:
\item A purely functional buffer representation;
\item Powerful EDSLs to describe editor actions and keybindings;
\item Syntax-highlighters as Alex files;
\item XMonad-style static/dynamic configuration via Dyre;
\item Commands are evaluated through the Hint package
\item UIs written as plugins.
\item Special support for Haskell: layout-aware edition, paren-matching, beautification of lambdas and arrows, GHCi interface, Cabal build interface, \dots
\item unix console UI;
\item Support for Linux and MacOS platforms;
\item Syntax highlighting for many mainstream languages beside Haskell;
Recent developments include performance improvements, a more precise
syntax-highlighting mode for Haskell, as well as progress on the Gtk
front-end. Jeff Wheeler is now in charge of making releases.
\item More information can be found at:
\item The source repository is available:
\texttt{darcs get}