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### 3. Run `bundle install`.
-## How to Use?
+## Brief Introduction
I am planning to add more examples covering Jruby Mahout use cases to [this repo]( soon.
First, define the `MAHOUT_DIR` environmental variable for your Mahout installation. For example:
@@ -54,7 +54,9 @@ puts recommender.evaluate(0.7, 0.3)
The closer the score is to zero—the better.
-I realize that it's a very sparse introduction to Jruby Mahout. I am working on the tutorial and better documentation that should cover this gem more in depth. Stay tuned at [my blog](
+## Advanced
+I am working on a series of articles on how to utilize JRuby Mahout in the real world projects. This is the first one in the series:
+- [Machine Learning with Ruby, Part One](
## Development Plans
There are several things that should be supported by this gem, before it can be used in production. Some of them are:

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