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sanity build


This is a web-app agent for the Raspberry Pi. It allows you to interact easily with your Pi via your browser.

How to install

Early adapters

On your raspberry pi download and install the latest 0.7.x debian package from from .

You're probably gonna need the arm.deb one (not the arm64)

This is a pre release. For any ideas let us know For any issues feel free to report here

We are not supporting the old version anymore, all hands are to build a brand new pi-web-agent that's easy to maintain and for users to install and use with minimal to zero dependencies.

Devs only


Back-End development

The service will be communicating via a websocket. To test the service without FE you can use

Setup hook

make check-hook

Run app

make run-backend

Run tests

make test-backend

Dev Environment Wrapper

Given that you have all dependencies setup on your machine rpi in your /etc/hosts and .ssh/config entry for pi user called rpi you can run ./ to spin a reloadable front-end with current backend build.

If you you update backend just ctrl-c and run ./ again

The dev app is accessible to your lan via your local ip since dev server listens to (and to the public via your public ip if you did any port forwarding to your machine)

Front-End development

Associate pi web agent address with the name rpi in /etc/hosts

For example: rpi

(that name is used to proxy requests to your raspberry pi)

cd ui/pi-we-agent-app
npm start


make build

Old versions

Raspbian Jessie

Get release from:

Raspbian Wheezy

Get release from:

This is the last release that supports Raspbian Wheezy