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A radial implementation of the D3 axis component
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A radial implementation of the D3 axis component.

To use for instance in a clock or a gauge meter.

Quick start

import { d3AxisRadialInner, d3AxisRadialOuter } from 'd3-radial-axis';


var d3.radialAxis = require('d3-radial-axis');

or even

<script src="/path/to/dist/d3-radial-axis.js"></script>


var myAngleScale = d3.scaleLinear()
    .domain([-10, 10])
    .range([-Math.PI, Math.PI]);
var myRadius = 100;
var myRadialAxis = d3.axisRadialInner(myAngleScale, myRadius);<myDOMElement>).call(myRadialAxis);

API reference

Same features as the regular D3 axis.


Includes additional properties to configure the radial axis, the angleScale, and the axis radius.

Also supports the representation of a spiral axis when setting a pair of startRadius and endRadius.

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