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ThreeJS GeoJSON Geometry

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A ThreeJS geometry class for stroking GeoJSON objects on a sphere.

Quick start

import { GeoJsonGeometry } from 'three-geojson-geometry';

or using a script tag

<script src="//"></script>


const myLine = new THREE.Line(
  new THREE.GeoJsonGeometry(geoJson),
  new THREE.LineBasicMaterial({ color: 'blue' })

API reference


GeoJsonGeometry(geoJson: GeoJson object, radius: Float, resolution: Float)

  • geoJson: A GeoJson geometry object. It's recommended to split the geometries at the anti-meridian.
  • radius: Radius of the sphere surface to draw the poygon on. Default is 1.
  • resolution: Resolution of the sphere, in lat/lng degrees. If the distance between two adjacent line points is larger than this value, the line segment will be interpolated in order to approximate the curvature of the sphere surface. Lower values yield more perfectly curved lines, at the cost of performance. Default is 5.


.parameters: Object

An object with a property for each of the constructor parameters. Any modification after instantiation does not change the geometry.


When generating Polygon or MultiPolygon geometries, two groups are provided to which different materials can be applied.

  • 0: The outer ring of the polygon.
  • 1: The polygon inner holes (if any).

Object types

Different geoJson types should be represented using different ThreeJS object types:

  • Point and MultiPoints - Use THREE.Points
  • LineString and Polygon - Use THREE.Line
  • MultiLineString and MultiPolygon - Use THREE.LineSegments